We humans are visual animals…”we see…we like”. Our visual sense of perception of our immediate environment play an important role in making decisions, but also influence our likes & dislikes.

Part of creating great apps not only involve great ideas, but looks!
Of utmost importance for developers aspiring to create their own start-ups are:
1. The need to visually communicate ideas with clients
2. Stimulate client interest
3. Provide creative guidance in the design process

My lastest “favourite find” is an Eclipse plugin called WireframeSketcher, developed by Petru Severin!

The idea of integrating the visual prototype & mock-up environment with Eclipse …have to admit..totally luv it! It’s great for developers whose Photoshop skills are not on par …with designers.

WireFrame Sketcher site

Android Stencil:

Android Stencil

iPhone Stencil:

iPhone Stencil

Eclipse Update Site: http://wireframesketcher.com/updates

Steps involved:
1. Install the WireframeSketcher Eclipse plugin using the Eclipse update site.
Help-> Install New Software -> Copy&Paste in the URL: http://wireframesketcher.com/updates
Complete installation process.

2. Create a New Project

Create a New Eclipse Project (empty of no type)

3. Create a folder called assets/ under the src/ directory
and copy the screen files into it. Added screen files become now accessible

Create assets folder under src directory

4. Begin to create a Storyboard / or simple screen for prototyping

5. You’re done!

WireframeSketcher finale!