Adobe AIR/Flex has always been known for their sleek ‘n sexy UI-interface look for providing amazing UI experiences for both desktop and web applications. However, their presence in the mobile market has not been that profound , except with the BlackBerry PlayBook running AIR/Flex as its UI-framework.

Recognizing, the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices, Adobe has ramped up their effort in gaining a piece of a very lucrative market in making their platform compatible with both Apple iOS (relaxing its restrictions on FLASH app development- good news!) and Google-Android platforms.

In this tutorial, we provide an intro for Developers & Designers alike in getting started with developing AIR/Flex Apps for Android.

Download the necessary SDKs
1. Download the Flex 4.1 SDK

Download Flex 4.1 SDK

2. Download the Adobe AIR 2.5 SDK

Download AIR 2.5 SDK

3. Download the Android SDK

Steps involved:
1. Create a directory : C:\Library\AIR4Android
2. First, extract/unzip the Android SDK 2.2 – think of this as the top/base layer
3. Second, extract/unzip the Flex 4.1 SDK
4. Third, copy the the AIR 2.5 sdk ZIP file into the extracted Flex SDK folder
5. Fourth, extract/unzip the AIR2.5 SDK OVER-WRITING the existing FLEX SDK files/folders
Overlay AIR-2.5 SDK over FLEX 4.1 SDK
6. Push the AIR2.5 runtime onto the Android Emulator
adb PUSH of AIR 2.5 Runtime onto Android 2.2 Emulator
7. You’re DONE! – Viola!
AIR-2.5 Android-2.2 Installed