Software projects ……mmmh ..have anatomy…yahhhh …sexy!

  • Logical structure imposed due to the organization of code into packages.
  • Structural organization of software code generally is a good practice makes things easier to find, but also maintainable over the long run as the project grows.
  • Most importantly, knowing the project structure helps you track down program errors easilly!

Let’ take a look at the Project Structure generated by Eclipse ADT plug-in from our previous post:

Folder generated:

src/ –  Source folder contains all your Java source code

gen/ – Generated folder contains source code generated by Android/Eclipse.

  • Well it only contains – one of Android’s most important file to perform name lookup/resolution and referencing.
  • is automatically generated by the build system and references your resources.

assets/ – Assets folder contains static files such as html which can be included in your program.

res/ – Resource folder contains your program resource files.

res/drawables/ – Contains image files eg. PNG, JPG etc but also drawables which are specified in XML format

res/layouts/ – Contains XML files to specify your application View layouts

res/values/ – Contains XML files where you can specify static string,text, numeric and other constant values.

Referenced Libraries/ – A folder containing third-party/downloaded JAR libraries which can be used in your Android App.

AndroidManifest.xml – A manifest file where you can specify all you Activities, Permissions, and other configurations.